Writing with Intention / by Justin Gage

I realized Saturday. That I can’t not write the way I write. That I do not want to start writing a “different” blog just because that “might” appeal to more people.

I don’t care what is marketable. I care about the truth I see revealed. I used to get so irritated with my college peers about how they would act as if their whole life was soooo put together and hide all that wasn’t and reject anyone who revealed anything that wasn’t ok. Speaking of tension made people uncomfortable. It seems there is a deep rooted fear of “not everything being ok”. The issue is that life is ok. Life is life when you acknowledge it in full. YES YOU CAN BE SAD AND HAPPY AND EXCITED IN ONE DAY. You are a human. Do not limit your human experience. Embrace it fully.


Still in my striving to build bridges with people, to grow in my ability to make understood what I see, I am trying things. In communication there are different tools to be used. In writing we work our art. I’ve been told I write too much. The content perhaps gets lost in the content. I truly desire to not only express things but to help reveal and understand. I tried Americanizing my writing. The thing is I don’t feel fulfilled. I don’t feel like my words are ringing any chords in souls. It can seem pointless. And above all I want all I do to be full of purpose.


I could give accounts of the things I’ve done here, the places I’ve gone, the food I ate… only the thought of that is exhaustingly boring to me. And I do not see any purpose in it. Of course the purpose is to let people peek at what the world and peoples’ ways look like in places they have not been. But truly everyday we each go to places none of us have ever been. The world is so big. My purpose is to share how I see it. OF course that includes going to different places and seeing different people but it’s so much more than that. It’s how you see. It’s how you’re willing to engage with it. Each and every single place you go. It doesn’t need to be halfway around the world. So many people “travel” the world and barely know their home city. I know there are still so many places I have never been in Nice. So many people whose eyes I’ve never looked in.

All of those are unexplored worlds of visions and experiences.

Going to a different country helps you come back home as a foreigner to your own home, open your eyes to all you have not seen.


That is what has been happening in my world in Colorado J

Always excited to share more with you.