How to stay LUCID: Post Lucidity Decompression and 10 Steps to Lucid Living / by Justin Gage

Photography: Winter Creative Co. Juliana Bernstein

We all have experienced that post festival low, that can start the very day you leave beloved festival world. You come back into what some call the “real world” in a sort of haze, the harsh roads and gas stations, the cars rolling past you… most of all the unintentionality that surrounds you. Be it your coworkers empty gossip, your mother’s reminders of grocery lists, the endless commercials on the radio or simply the lack of smiles surrounding you.

It can hit us in different ways. My first year at Lucidity, tears ran down my face asI hugged beautiful friends goodbye and exited the campsite. My second year was much different. My good friends dropped me off at my college campus, we hugged goodbye as they took off for Colorado and I sat on the green green grass in front of the dining commons, wondering why the tears did not come as I said goodbye to my soul sister. Finally it clicked. The drought was so bad that year(2015), Live Oak was so dusty, so dry. The main intention of the festival was the prayer for Rain, put forth by many, including artists like Ayla Nereo, calling the community together to bring forth the prayer for Rain. However the grass I sat on at Westmont College was so green. Too green. The tears came as I reflected on this falsehood. On this waste of water to maintain appearances. “How will anyone desire to save water when they see this?” I cried out! These people were so removed from the reality of the hurt of this earth! They did not see it crack, they did not see it dry, they did not see it thirsting.


So what is “real world”?


Maybe reality is what you make it.


Lucidity is an amazing place thattruly changes people, that activates us! In this environment, through this community experience we can grow and connect. Our most beautiful attributes are given the space to come forth and shine as each one of us plays a part in making this beautiful spiral of light that brings forth true, wholesome growth; not just in the moment of the festival but throughout our lives, the lives of those that surround us, and the lives of those we go out to.


Let’s come together now to support each other further to continue to seek out what being part of the Lucid family means! Perhaps you are an established member of this community or perhaps you have been seeking to connect with this way of life more or maybe you simply stumbled onto this awesome party and know there is something more here.


I want to share my own experience of discovery and entering into Lucidity; though for that to be complete you would have to know my whole life story (I will gladly share any of it with anyone J ). Let me “just” say  that I grew up in a beautiful community in the South of France and always dreamed of connecting to my roots in America. I headed out to college in California when I turned 18 and what followed was a very painful experience of rejection and disenchantment. I was lucky to be based in Santa Barbara because somehow I started seeing pictures of small gatherings here and there. These called to my heart. I remember a particular set of images where about 20 people were gathered in a forest, paint on their faces, standing in a circle holding hands, sharing hugs and smiles and laughter… “I want that” I thought. Around the same time I discovered pictures of Lucidity and made a point to go the following year. What I saw in those pictures that called so deeply to me goes I believe on many levels. I saw Truth in the eyes of those beautiful individuals. I saw affection and community and togetherness. I saw no sign of walls of fear and rejection. I saw acceptance and love. I sensed intentionality. Grounding. Wholeness. Love and Light.


My experience of the Lucidity community has always gone hand in hand with this. Never have I been met with any type of rejection. Only unlimited love and acceptance. Stretching beyond that I have been called to shine more truly in who I am. I have been lead on a path that opens my heart more and more and helps me learn through what I see and experience how to love others more. Lucidity has given me the space to shed many tears, to plant my sorrows and to watch how they fertilize fresh, strong new growths!

Lucidity offered me a place to ground myself. By this I mean that I have found peace in knowing I am not alone, I am loved, I am accepted, I am worthy, I am needed. And we can see this as soon as we smile to anyone at Live Oak and that smile is returned.


We activate each other.



So how can we continue to make sure that we remain grounded in this feeling of peace that we are and we are capable and needed as we are. How can we make sure that we do not lose sight of what seeds we planted and that we continue to water those?



Here is a “list” of things my friends and I enact.  I would love to know other ways that YOU do this!



1. “Top 3 Lucid Moments”

This is one of my favorites. I was sitting at a campsite I had been invited to the last night of the festival and as they sat in a circle, each friend shared their top three Lucid moments. This can be a learning moment, a realization, a moment of humbling, a favorite artist set, a random gift from a stranger…

You get to reflect and ingrain the beauties that you have just experienced and you get to grow in appreciation of everything that you hear spoken around you!


2.Keep a Festival Note Book!

My friend I went to my first Lucidity with was an experienced raver. With her she brought a notebook where she would write every event she went to, make her prep list in it, take contact info. I remember being asked by a friend to write in his notebook. I hadn’t written someone a heartfelt note in a long time. The next year I was sure to bring a notebook of my own and I deeply treasure every little line written in there =)



3. Smile to Strangers!

It makes a huge difference. For you, for them, for all of us. Don’t let the love stop flowing from you!



4. ALWAYS Go in for the HUG!

When someone I don’t know goes in for the hug it ALWAYS makes me happy. Maybe it makes some people uncomfortable? I still think the good it has the potentiality of bringing to you and others outweighs the fear of making someone possibly uncomfortable.



5. Truly SEE people!

Each person is an amazing book ready to be open. They can take you across oceans and times and wonderful stories. Don’t judge a book by its cover! You have NO idea what immensity each person bestows within them. We are each beautiful works of art! You know that that dude wearing the badass sparkle jacket you want to hug so bad at Lucidity?  He might look completely different in his street clothes. Better yet you tapping into a stranger or colleagues’ or family members’ beauty might bring them to be that awesome sparkle or peacock headdress dood !



6. Be on festival time!

You might really want to catch that workshop or that show but you know what I’m talking about, when you are engaged by a total stranger or see a needy friend at a festival, you are willing to give them your undivided attention! Because that is the experience! That is the truth! Don’t let yourself get caught in your “important” meetings and schedule, the business of the outside world so much that you miss out on truly connecting with the people that surround you wherever you go.


7. Get Involved!

Find ways to be intentionally involved in this growing culture. Be it in your yoga studio, in a local band, in a environmental organization, in community building workshops. Volunteer at the next Lucidity? :)


8. DO what YOU LOVE

You have something to bring to this world that we all direly need that only you can bring. Whatever it may be, come into your Light and let us all see it shine! YOU are a part of this community!


9. Open your eyes, Set intentions

What did you witness, experience that truly spoke to you? See that good? YOU can pass it on to someone else!

Set intentions for how you wish to be, what you want to bring to this world! Plant those seeds, water them and I promise you will bounce for joy when you see the beautiful flowers and plants flourish from your soul!


10. Dream up!

Come into your being in this community!  After Lucidity last year a friend was telling me about how the next year he wanted to cook a huge spaghetti meal and give out free spaghetti to people! Maybe someone gave you a little wood burning that got you thinking about what you could give to people? Maybe you want to bring your guitar or offer free massages?


Bring yourself!!



Love you all so much!


Please share your top Lucid moments and your ways to stay Lucid!!


And if you haven’t, check out Lucidity Festivals ! I promise it’s all you could dream of.