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Our Rates

We do our Best be be extremely competitive in the commercial photography business. For this reason we do not have a flat set of Rates. If you contact us we are committed to getting back to you within 48 hours with a personalized quote or questions to help us better understand your needs.

To give an example you may go to the store and ask for the price of a bottle of red wine. The sommelier will need more information to give you an accurate answer, and he will be happy to help you in your selection if you are unsure.

In the same way we are here to walk you through the process from A to Z. The photo shoot itself is just one of the final steps of the journey were the project comes together. To request a quote CONTACT US


The brief

Our rate will be based around the information you provide us for the types of images you are looking for. We call this the brief, for some assignments such as family portraits this can be as simple as a pintrest mood board.
For commercial work it's usually a much more complete dossier put together by the art director (either the company's or we can supply this service as well). The more complete the brief is the more accurately we will be able to provide images to represent your brand to your target audience.

things to think of when sending us the brief:
-Company Values
-Target market
-Color palettes
-General mood of the images

In some cases we will also request a media package this may include :
-any font types we are supposed to use
-High resolution Logos
-custom layouts
-any text as it is supposed to appear on the image

Produits - 728x90