REPOST Interview an eye for perfection

Honored to have been interviewed by Expert English Language Training

1. What does being successful mean to you?

Justin Success is a lifestyle of balance so many people associate success to financial aspects and end their lives with stress and regret. That's like playing chess with only one piece on the board as far as I am concerned because as soon as that piece is in danger , our entire universe closes in on us. True success for me come around only if and when I can create a balanced ecosystem around me. I measure my success when the people around me can all gain something from interacting with me, ON ALL levels, Family, business, finances, friendship,learning... and that gives me opportunities to keep growing in those areas. This is slower to achieve than putting myself first and feeding off others like a parasite but the results are much more stable and fruitful.

2. Did you ever feel like giving up or did you always really believe you would be such a great success?

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