rock and roll

photo credit © Sabine Dutreux

photo credit © Sabine Dutreux

Last weekend I did a rock & roll shoot with an entire creative team! It was so much fun to watch everything come together.


It all started with an ongoing theme. French photographer Sabine Dutreux ( has been doing a study on rock & roll themed portraits.


I agreed to do this makeup assignment because my husband and I have been working on these amazing outfits! (Click here to watch the making of the video. )


I have worked with Sabine before and we were both really happy with the outcome so we were happy to be doing something together again. (Click here to see the last shoot together. ))))


We offered to style the shoot with Justin's creations and Sabine was thrilled! Justin even designed a top to go with the theme of the shoot!

Justin Styling a model

To top things off, professional hair stylist Rachel messaged me asking if I would want to work with her! I was so happy to have another creative person reach out to me. (I will be interviewing Rachel soon so keep an eye out for the post)


The simple shoot of a model, makeup artist and photographer now turned into a busy set filled with hair and wardrobe too!!

Photographet chimping pics with the creative team

When the day finally arrived, I was so excited to come together with so much talent. We went up to the studio near Place Massena to set up.  

Justin was fitting the model and placing African Ostrich feathers (the final touch) on his creation. It was beautiful! (Picture of the feathers on the dress?) Rachel was talking to the photographer about the creative inspiration for hair.  I was setting up my makeup and going through my creative process. Sabine was going through her camera equipment doing the final lighting tests and equipment set up. 

model getting pampered with hair and makeup


Once everyone was acquainted and set up, the crazy fun began! Milena (the model) sat down on the beauty chair and the whirlwind of hair and makeup took over. The energy was excellent! We worked so well together. Dancing around each other. Each of us completely absorbed in our work. Rachel is combing and pinning, I am blending and mixing. 


Once I had the foundation on the model I started to see the makeup on her before I applied it. Inspiration was just flowing! I love that moment so much! It is even better when I can actually do what I am envisioning!


After some time, Hair and makeup were done and it was Sabine's turn to work her magic.


I was really blown away by Rachel's beautiful hairstyle and how quickly she got into her zone. It was the first time we had ever seen this model and Rachel knew exactly what to do. It was like we were all aligned with the same creative vision. 


Justin coaching models

Thank you, Sabine, Justin, Milena and Rachel for being who you are! It was fun to work together and I look forward to seeing what great work we do in the future!