As soon as you get to the RCMA web-page they will also have links to tutorials by pros

As soon as you get to the RCMA web-page they will also have links to tutorials by pros

The Research Council of Makeup Artists


This is more a post for professional makeup artists. A review and informative post about a product made for professionals. In short, this is what I am talking about:

-Do your research before you commit.

-If you think you want it for personal use, buy a sample to try it out.

-I am in LOVE with this product!

-Be ready to experiment with it.

-It's not for everyone

-Color mixing is amazing !!!!


For the more detailed version, keep reading!

I stumbled across this foundation called RCMA. It is mixed with pure wax, vegetable oils and FDA approved colors. But what interested me the most was that it was developed by a group of makeup artists specifically for professionals in the film, television and stage industries.


The foundation is highly pigmented and is made with at least 50% pigmentation. Commercial liquid foundation has around 18-28% pigment and theatrical foundations have around 30-35% pigment. 


After visiting many blogs and websites that spoke about the product, I decided I wanted to try it out. I found this video to be the most helpful. It is sponsored by RCMA and can be found on their website. https://www.rcmamakeup.net/ves-blog/rcma-how-to-apply-tutorial.html


the K.O. palette

the K.O. palette

I bought the RCMA's foundation adjuster pallet, RCMA Series Favorites Palette "KO" & Color Process Foundation Thinner.


There is not much information about this product out there and I had never heard of it before. So I was very skeptical about it. First off, the packaging is not very pretty. They come in these plastic pallets. Not very trust inspiring... Then there is this liquid to thin out the product and make it more workable. It just seemed like a lot of work and looked very intimidating, 


However, I was so excited to try it out and give it a chance.  I had no idea what I was doing. But I just tested it out on myself. It was unnatural. But the end result was amazing! I loved how smooth and lightweight it was. I loved that when I was looking at myself in the mirror, I just looked like I had perfect skin !! which is one of RCMA's selling points.


There is definitely a learning curve when you start using it. I have been using RCMA since September 2016 and I am still learning and discovering new things about it. The foundation is very workable and sits on the skin very nicely.


Since the foundation is wax and oil based, it doesn't dry. It remains workable and moveable until you set it with a setting powder. At first, I didn't like that, but now I love it because I can adjust color and blend it into itself rather than get a heavy build up on the skin.


My favorite pallet is Foundation Adjuster Palette. There is such freedom and knowledge to be found in color mixing. To achieve the perfect shades for each person. We are not just 1 color and color mixing has allowed me to see that!


The more I use RCMA the more uses I find for it. Currently, I use it to highlight, contour, shape eyebrows, blush and lipstick.