Fine art Photography/abstract paint Hybrid

Produits - 728x90
Lady million abstract photography

Over the last month I have started releasing some of my art most people are not familiar with.

The reason this had stayed my dirty little secret for so long was partially because this was a very personal expression, But also, working in the commercial field I know all to well the importance of a coherent Branding.In my photography I always strive to simplify my image this was lesson #1 at NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF PHOTOGRAPHY and would be repeated up until the submission of my final project. My professional photography is therefor known for looking very clean with attention to detail and styling but with a clear subject and minimal distraction.


The canvas pieces I had been secretly working on are anything BUT simple... in fact they were usually an expression of the chaos I felt when I was supposed to have it together and act like a strong confident professional regardless of what was going on in my life.

Origami shot in 2015 printed and painted in 2017-2018 ©all rights reserved

Origami shot in 2015 printed and painted in 2017-2018 ©all rights reserved


Here is the thing... although these photos are splashed with paint, they are by far a better representation of my world.

One of the Main goals of adding the paint is the creation of an "organic" texture. I say organic because it is applied with various drip, or splash and projection methods. Most of the print eventually becomes covered in several layers of paints with the exception of the model's face that for the most part is preserved by hiding it with a stencil.

In the short time I have started showing these pieces the response has been phenomenal. So I thank my friends that pushed me, the models that work with me and my amazing team!