Mail Call #2

Mail call is a concept we had been doing by live streaming the unboxing of our deliveries on Facebook. these videos ended up being very long and had an attention span of 48 hours so we have decided to keep the concept but edit it down.

In this episode of Mail call, we unbox the spiral note book from SAAL-Digital, they were Kind enough to send us a coupon to text this product out.... If you can't tell from watching the video... WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE the texture of the premium paper.
The prints are clean with great detail even in the darker areas, the whites also have great detail and texture.

Very happy with this mini portfolio, easy to stick in my messenger bag or camera bag and I think it's something clients could go for. Would even be happy printing a small Fine art calendar on this format.



To see what limited edition prints we currently have availlable go to You can also check out our facebook page