Behind the Lens #4 - colorful lights Urbex model urban style photo shoot

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 8.49.53 AM.png

This Video is about our colorful Urbex model urban style photo shoot.
Join us behind the lens as we shoot a very colorful Urbex, Bikini/lingerie fashion Shoot.
We wanted to use our studio in the middle of the remodel to get a very Urban style with bright colors and lights because these shots are often just done in Black and white. Often with a Sexy Naked model.
So we really wanted to go the complete opposite direction, still have a sexy Model but actually style her
Again instead of doing a tutorial, we are just inviting you behind the scenes and showing you haw we actually got the shot.

As per the previous video, the styling was the starting line in this concept.

We are not sponsored for the outfits we just do research and shop allot :P

We will be shooting with Cindy again in the near future it was our first time working with her but will not be the last

The Light set up was very basic 3 godox DE 300

Comical footage punctuation from The devil wears Prada borrowed from Fandango

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