Coconut Oil Makeup

I love coconut oil!

I use it as a moisturizer, makeup remover, and for shine effects on the face and body.  


I recently did a photo shoot with Justin Gage Photo studio and the beautiful model Camille. It was a test shoot for me to try out using Pure Flow coconut oil as a mixing medium in my foundation. At first, I was not sure how I would use it.

I use RCMA's foundation adjuster pallet & RCMA Series Favorites Palette "KO" to mix my foundations for my clients. For this shoot, I decided to use Pure Flow Coconut Oil to mix my foundation.

If you are curious about RCMA, I will be writing a blog about it soon.

First I looked at Camille's skin to figure out what colors I would use to match her skin tone. Then I took some RCMA foundation out of my pallet and mixed it on the back of my hand to warm it up and add in some blue to cool it down. Once I had the perfect color I added in some Pure Flow Coconut Oil to thin out the foundation. RCMA is very thick and I will go into more detail on my blog post about RCMA.

Pure Flow makes different sized containers for coconut oil including a mini one perfect for you purse

Pure Flow makes different sized containers for coconut oil including a mini one perfect for you purse

Once I applied the foundation, I fell in love with how well the coconut oil mixed with the foundation and her skin. It really hydrated her face and was absorbed into her skin without making her skin look oily. Her skin was a little pinker in her T-zone, so I added some red to the foundation color I used for her to give her more of a vibrant glow.

I was worried that adding more pigment and coconut oil wouldn't mix well. To my surprise, it blended in really well with the foundation I had already put on her and the oil was absorbed. It was like magic. Much more workable than I imagined it would be.

By this point, I had the perfect foundation match and her skin was looking fabulous! The final step was to set the foundation with a clear setting powder.


I have to say I am very pleased with Pure Flow Coconut oil as an oil to mix with RCMA foundation. It went far beyond my expectation and I won't be able to go without it in my makeup kit.


After the shoot, I asked Camille for her thoughts on the foundation. Here is what she said:

"I am blown away I usually find foundations look too Pink or too yellow on me, I was also really surprised that the foundation was neither greasy nor dry and it felt more like a moisturizer than a foundation"

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