Why is my website Traffic Down?

Image credit © www.justingagephotostudio.com

Image credit © www.justingagephotostudio.com

A few weeks ago I posted an entry about boosting visibility on social media... of course, as fatewould have it, virtually at the same time, google was implementing changes in their core algorithm. 

Again... I am not a technician or mathematician. So the mechanics of this stuff is a foreign language to me.

What I do know is that 2 different things started happening. My visits on some platforms, that had "popular hashtags" and would get 220 likes overnight, started dropping... At the same time, my content that was automatically being shared to Google plus photography groups (that honestly I put little or no effort into), started getting noticed. 


Actual picture of my "referrals" on my website metrics this morning

Actual picture of my "referrals" on my website metrics this morning

My website itself, which this month celebrates 1 year of activity recorded both record visits and page views.

Did I put in that much extra effort? This month we made our site available in several other languages, including, Arabic, German, Russian, Chinese... And Launched our online Boutique
Whenever we posted a new product, it would automatically be shared on Facebook
, Google+ , Instagram , and the list goes on.
despite that,  on these social media platforms we had a free-fall (except on google plus where for the first time anyone was paying attention to us) in the quantity of our engaged users (likes, comments, shares). Our website traffic was spiking. Where was it coming from?
 Google and Google+.

Google Core Algorithm Update


As it turns out, last month, Google implemented an update to their Core algorithm. And this is just the beginning of a change in Policy in SEO.

The Focus of the new algorithms is to:

- get website owners to provide quality content (providing unique relevant content to the user instead of packing as many tags as you can think of).

-Provide User-friendly content: give users the information they searched for, have pages load quickly, have all material load correctly and easily on Mobile devices.

-Earning links instead of buying links: Boosting high quality, credible reliable sources instead of pay per click referrals.

Reference materiel http://searchengineland.com/library/google/google-algorithm-updates

Where the emphasis on past SEO strategies used to be Quantity (the more SEO tags you had, the more likely you were to get hits) the new direction google is taking looks like it focuses on quality, innovation and creation of new content.

The full picture is way more complex, again this is the over-simplified version. For more specific information Google it!