Well in this entry I though I would shamelessly promote the charity I support... although I guess the blog is actually usually self promotion so who cares right?  WRONG!

I think when it comes to supporting a cause it's crucial to leave business at the door.

I saw a Post on Facebook a while back that said something along the lines of "if you give to charity expecting something back, it's not charity it's business" . And I feel really strong about this. If you are actually giving your time, your resources your skills for a good cause, the Goal is about the positive effect on the cause in question.

Imagine if you will a construction site. on this construction site there is a pile of bricks to build a house. if a dozen people come and start piling the bricks up to build that house the job will be done and almost look easy. However if each of the 12 workers starts building their own thing the way they want, where they want, well first of all the resources will probably not be sufficient to build ANYTHING. Should any of them have enough materiel to finish anything it will likely take allot longer, but it's likely NOTHING will ever be finished and in fact more work will have to be done than originally needed to clear off the mess.

My point? Yes of course I have a point! I'm getting there. When helping a charity, humanitarian project, benefit, fund raiser... DO NOT go in looking for what you can get out of it. Serve with excellence. Do not take anything personally Sometimes it's hard, it feels like an endless thankless job. There is always more work to be done, the people asking for your help tend to be stressed and may not be constantly stroking your... ego... and that's why it can't be about you.

Ironically the more you take yourself out of the equation and focus on the cause, the more energy you will have, the more people will notice how reliable you are, how dedicated you are... and now we have come full circle the most self serving thing you can do is to take yourself out of the equation. This will probably sound like a contradiction to most people but it's just the truth.

Just to finish I did want to drop a line about Chances for Children

I'm no super Hero All I have done is take pictures for the events. The charity takes care of 58 orphans in Uganda, 2 of which are HIV positive. The amazing people that run this charity have decided to stay "small" but they are changing the lives of these kids. when they started the kids were going to be evicted from the shack with dirt floors (by the way that's actually where the expression Dirt poor comes from) The kids now are in a house with hard floors, running water... Not only does every penny donated go to the kids, Gabriele and Russ have invested thousands out of their own pocket for these kids. The Association is registered Both in Monaco And as an NGO in Uganda and it's important to them to be on both sides

So why am I on-board? Because If I can help Change these kids lives in some small way just by taking pictures of the events... I have earned my life.

If you are looking for a cause to support 3 guesses as to what I suggest.