picture from official website Eyefi.com

picture from official website Eyefi.com

Ok so my last post was about NOT liking it when people chose to credit the quality of a photo to the gear I use. Naturally I am now going to discuss gear I do use.

One of my favorite tools is my Eye-fi card. 8GB class 10 cards are available in France for around 40 Euros. This may sound like allot for an SD card but compare it to the grips or other toys that make your Camera Wireless enabled I have found it More than worth it.

Their official site will have more technical info http://www.eyefi.com

And for the record I am not associated or sponsored by Eye-fi and the views and

This small inexpensive piece of equipment has been on many levels one of my most valuable assets.

Here's how it works when you put this SD card in your camera a menu pops up in your utilities to allow the card to enable a WIFI connection. This small card actually Generates it's own wifi signal. You can then download the app on all mobile devices. There is a password for each card, you select that wifi network enter the password and your pictures will arrive in virtually real time on your Mobile device.

I love this for location shoots as shooting tethered even just to a lap top would not really be an option at say the Japanese gardens in Monaco. Since I am Not a fan of chimping off the back of the camera especially for the client showing them the pictures on a tablet that they can hold and navigate really elevates the experience. It allows my clients to select the images they want right there on the spot instead of relying on drop box and such. And it improves my work flow effectively eradicating several hours or even days of extra work.


The down side?

It only works with JPG files so if you shoot exclusively in RAW you are going to have to save both the JPG and the RAW files. Although the newer Black 32GB wounds like it has resolved this issue I have not yet tested that.

The plastic seems to be slightly more fragile than your other high end SD cards and the plastic rails along the connectors snap off faster than on any of my other cards, this has had no effect on the actual functioning of the card itself.

The wifi Does drain your camera's batteries almost twice as fast so spear batteries are a must on any shoot that is going to be longer than a couple hours and make sure you turn off the camera or the Wifi for long periods of non activity



I love it I think it's Brilliant and it's value far outweighs it's limitations in my book. It greatly facilitates my workflow and really elevates my quality of service to the client.

If you shoot with wireless connection would love to hear what you use want you think of it how often you use it and of course what did it coast you.