It's all about light

Model Christina Vyas wearing Kim Innu London dress shot during canned film Festival

It's estimated by some oceanographers that perhaps up to 90% of life on this planet lives in the Dark depths of the oceans. Yet in this dark world Light not only exists but is a necessity for survival. it is thought the bio luminescence of these creatures is not only used to navigate, attract pray or deter predators but may also be used as a means of communication.
This would mean light in itself is the Main means of communication on this planet!


As a photographer my job is usually to help communication in some way, to communicate an idea, an emotion, the value of a product or the beauty of a model. Like the bio luminescent organisms I too depend on light for survival.

Some people who read this may know, but the basic functions of a camera need light. A picture is only possible because Light Hits the sensor. All the settings of the camera are based around light!

ISO is how sensitive the sensor is to light

Shutter speed controls how long the sensor is exposed for

Aperture controls how much light is allowed to pass through the lens to the camera

OK for those of you who are NOT photographers and do not plan to be, that is as technical as I will get for today,

Where am I going with this?

In an age of technology, ever improving Cameras are able to create exposures in virtually any situation. It's easy to forget the light that allows these pictures to happen. To the point that many people are content to do available light photography. AM I?

Absolutely not!
Don't get me wrong, I will shoot available light, in fact this image is shot in the middle of the night with available light only.

Long exposure at night

Long exposure at night

However I feel Limiting myself to available light would be like refusing to go to the grocery store and sticking to what's available in the fridge "hmmmm Yogurt aaaaannnnnnddddd ketchup... yep that will work!"
Again very creative things can come from working with what you have... but what if I want a salad, or a pizza?

Being aware of light and how to use it, how to shape it, how to color it, how to cut it out, how to focus it is at the center of my work,

The first picture was taken on a sunny day in may early afternoon during the Cannes film festival, which means every camera owner in the area was posting pictures with the same beautiful background.
So i measured my exposure for the background and then I put 2 fill lights on my model... only I gelled them yellow and white balanced to that. the light on my model now looked "normal" but the background was in this purple fantasy light.

My model had been shooting all week and her portfolio was full of "riviera" photos No one else shot this picture. Being different than the masses is such a critical part of this business, perhaps I am just another Bio-luminescent life-form in this giant ocean using light however I can to survive.