The Alchemists

Some people regard Genesis in the bible as mythology, for other it's the dawn of our existence.

I'm not launching a theological debate, but the way the story goes, God creates the universe out of Nothing, then creates Adam out of Dust, then creates Eve from one of Adam's ribs. As an artist we live to create. Artists Create worlds out of nothing.

In a fast food consumer world, I can order virtually anything on line and have it at my door step in many cases the next day: Props, outfits, staging, gear, lighting... So why bother making a gown by folding 2000 magazine pages? Or a corset out of soda cans? Or an outfit from the leather recycled from a couch? What is the point? I have labeled this my "alchemist complex".

Alchemists were obsessed with the idea of transmuting materiel from one composition to another. The most famous example would be the quest to turn Led into Gold. I won't be so bold as to claim my outfits made from what most people would call trash are worth anything near their weight in Gold... never the less the satisfaction of putting together an image from scratch absolutely is infinity more unique and rewarding when the creative process was done in house from scratch.

So what is next? I am doing some work with ground up paper and water turning it into a clay like substance. Behind the scenes videos will come soon... we wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!