Justin Gage's biography and list of achievements and recent accomplishments


 Director of photography: Justin Gage

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StarOfservice Top Pro 2016

May 2016: "artiste d'honneur" Grand prix de Peinture et sculpture de la ville de Cannes
December 2016: the campaign shot for Carolina Guna wins a Rumi Award
May 2017: Selected For the closing expo of the Palm Beach Casino in Cannes
June 2017: the youngest member of the jury (ever) for the 2017 Grand Prix de Peinture et Sculpture de la ville de Cannes
June 2017: Official photographer for Twitter



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Justin was born in Southern California. As a missionary kid he spent most of his youth traveling in Europe. His mother had worked as a seamstress for a bridal designer and Justin started sewing with her at age five. One of his father's hobbies was photography.

Growing up in Europe he quickly developed a taste for fashion and at age 16 was recruited for a catwalk and fashion show assignment. But Justin was a young idealist and was planning a career in the military with a dream to change the world.  Unfortunately, after his first tour of enlistment the idealist walked away from the military for ethical reasons, and finds his new life in luxury fashion.


Justin finds that he not only has a natural eye for fashion but also is passionate about all of its facets. He is contracted to design a collection for a French bridal designer. 

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He can’t stop, from foot wear to handbags, dresses, lingerie and even jewelry he starts crafting his own pieces, some are commissioned by clients... others are simply a symptom of his addiction.

As his pieces are hand made he invests in photography equipment to start documenting his creations before delivery to clients. At this time he meets his wife to be Alana, a Film and special effects makeup artist. They leave California to go spend time in France where they meet Hans and Sarah Oosten.

Justin and Sarah instantly have a connection and the evening they meet the sparks fly that would ignite Hype Fashions. Justin continues his career in fashion in California while still working on Hype Fashions Projects.  He works to improve his photography skills by attending The New York Institute of Photography. Justin and Alana are married and she works at his studio as the resident makeup artist.  He is an award-winning photographer and has been published on 3 continents including the "Top Photography of 2015."  His work has been shown in some of the most prestigious establishments of the Riviera, and he has shot the campaigns of several couture designers.

photo credit © Michel Castellani 2009

photo credit © Michel Castellani 2009

 Though the military did not end up being his career he does attribute allot of his success to the goal and result driven mentality he was indoctrinated with during his brief time in the armed forces.