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Make up By Alana

Photo credit ©justin gage photo studio 2016

Photo credit ©justin gage photo studio 2016

"My passion for makeup started with my older sister. Who I looked up to. She was a model and a set designer. One day she invited me to set with her.I was like a kid in a candy shop with all the exciting things going on. Makeup, wardrobe line rehearsals. It was all fascinating. But what I loved the most was the character creation by the makeup artist.

After that, my curiosity got me working along side makeup artists who taught me the tricks of the trade.

Now I want to work with creative talented people who will challenge my abilities and take me to creative places I never could have dreamt of."

Key dates

2008- Dance of the Dead film production - Key MUA

2008- Hype Fashions runway - Key MUA

2010 Well Done short film - Key MUA and Hairstylist

2012 The Culture Shock Couture Catolog shoot - key MUA and Hairstylist

2013 Sacks 5th Avenue fashion show - Key MUA and Hairstylist

2014 Cannes Fashion Week - Key MUA

2015 Photo shoot Christina Vyas - Key MUA and Hairstylist

2015 Photo shoot Buf Morgan - Key MUA and Hairstylist

Alana's articles in Jeunissima, photography by Justin Gage

Alana's articles in Jeunissima, photography by Justin Gage


2015-2016 resident MUA and writer for Jeunissima magazine

2016 Key Makeup artist Luxxa Lingerie Valentine's day campaign

May 2016 Key Makeup artist Cannes Fashion Festival

2016 Key Makeup artist Carolina Haute Couture Campaign

June 2016Key Makeup artist at Twitter Beach for Cannes Lions